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I write differently from what I speak, I speak differently from what I think, I think differently from the way I ought to think, and so it all proceeds into deepest darkness.

Franz Kafka

Simal. XVI. I agree that two times two makes four is an excellent thing; but if we are dispensing praise, then two times two makes five is sometimes a most charming little thing as well.

What makes earth feel like hell is our expectation that it should feel like heaven.

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk  (via pureintoxication)

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i made this shitty embroidery the other day when i was sitting outside in the rain having a panic attack. i don’t really know what i meant but i know it’s true. right now my life feels a bit like the wrong side of the embroidery and nothing quite makes sense.

I fucking love this


2007 - 2013 the legacy


Christian Lacroix HC, 1998


Christian Lacroix HC, 1998

You’ll never get tired looking at Benedict Cumberbatch. With his soft, sensual appearance, the curly hair, and the strikingly curved lips, he radiates charisma. Not because he owns the clear-cut beauty of George Clooney but because he’s simply unforgettable. He resembles noone and noone resembles him. He is one of a kind, in the true sense of the word. And when he starts to act, then your faith in him becomes certainty: he’s tall but tiny, he stumbles yet he’s so graceful, he smiles seductively yet he is stone cold.

German newspaper FAZ about Benedict Cumberbatch

[translation by Moriarty’s Skull]

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  • Teacher: u havent handed anything in all term
  • me: i'm about the minimalist aesthetic


I think I saw a new color today


I think I saw a new color today